Direct Service

Sagesse empowers individuals to break the cycle of violence and abuse by curating environments to heal and develop skills to be in healthy and respectful relationships. Programs are facilitated by peers with no power differential. Contact our office for more information about each program and to register. 

Finding Our Voices and Growth Circle programs are available in Calgary and in many rural communities across Alberta.

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Capacity Building

At Sagesse, we see ourselves as community mobilizers and believe that our role is to support organizations and communities to build capacity.  We use the term capacity building because it honors the knowledge, experiences and support that are present within communities and organizations, while acknowledging that we all have room to grow and learn as we work towards our goal of ending domestic violence across Alberta. All capacity building programs are available in Calgary and across Alberta.  

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Education and Advocacy

Sagesse believes that work must happen not only with individuals and organizations, but also with communities on the issue of domestic violence.  We work closely with many associations, collaborations and collectives across Calgary, Alberta and nationally and internationally to expand discussions of domestic violence, its impacts and how we can work collaboratively to end it.

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